Hi, I'm the administrator for this site and also, the ex wife of Peter Paul Ochs. We were married for 24 years, and I mostly played the role of Muse to his genius...until I couldn't do it anymore. Many years later, as an old woman, I wrote a memoir, Rebel Muse, My Life with Peter Paul Ochs. I published it in 2018, and people tell me that it is a really excellent read. I've been a professional writer for most of my life, but since I wrote my Memoir (my third book), I've felt the urge to branch out, to do something different. Something beyond words, like art perhaps. Since I soon realized that at my age (nearly 80) I wouldn't be able to acquire the skills of drawing that Picasso claimed was the true mark of an artist, I concentrated on using my love of colour and abstract design with a new medium that was relatively easy, Alcohol Ink. The results are on this page; I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed creating them.