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Welcome to the Ochs Archive. We are pleased to be able to give you short bios of the four artists who began the dynasty, and to give their historic works new life in digital form. We hope that this site fosters renewed interest in the Ochs Archive and encourages the fifth generation of Ochs artists working in a unique artistic tradition.

The Ochs Art Dynasty began with Peter Ludwig Heinrich Ochs, in the old German town of Magdeburg in 1788. He had eleven children, three of which, Albert, Walther and Gustav, became artists and photographers. The next generation begins with Albert's son, Paul Ochs in Berlin, who became the grandfather of Peter Paul Ochs, the first sculptor in the group. He and his five sisters emigrated to Canada's west coast in 1952/3. Peter's granddaughter, Emma Ochs, represents the current generation of Ochs artists, still going strong in Vancouver, on Canada’s West Coast.

If you are a descendant of this branch of the Ochs family, please give us a shout at It would be exciting to hear from you, wherever you are. 

The site is a work in progress; more images are added until we reach the end!

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