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Albert's son Paul Peter Ferdinand Ochs (15.12.1855 Magdeburg/ 22.10.1929 Berlin) trained as an artist before switching to architecture in the 1870's. He traveled to Italy where he copied the frescoes on the walls of Pompeii and also did many studies of classical temples and sculpturesHe is Peter Paul's grandfather, the one he most wanted to emulate. Among Paul's more notable architectural projects are the Hindenburg-Kaserne in Magdeburg, the Anhalter Bahnhof in Berlin and the Cathedral in Thale/Harz. He was awarded the Prussian Red Eagle and Crown Orders for his work as Koeniglicher Baurat, or Architectural Advisor to his Majesty.

 We don't know much about the children of the siblings of Albert Ochs, but there could be some undiscovered talent there as well.

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